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Get a headstart in landing startups as your clients using industry focused leads that are hand-vetted and preverified.

Connect with startups on the rise

How can you benefit with Startups as your client

Open up the space for a fast contract with a startup and scale your business 2 times faster.
All of us get tired of bureaucracy and long negotiations, well that’s not about startups. Move fast, create and itterate, it’s what they breeth and what they eat.
Minimized Bureaucracy
Flow of investments
Startups on the rise are always well financialy supported and seeking for growth. Whether it is a seed investment or an ivestment round, startups are keen on growth and If your product is what gives that growth - startups are your sweet spot
Simplify the process of searching for these youn rising stars and trust our leads.
These guys are Global players
Startups are playing it big with but a one goal, to disrupt and grow in as many countries as possible, which leads to even bigger expentions and even greater support from investors.
Seize the opportunity to be amogst the first companies who help them achieve greater results
more revenue per lead
faster meeting scheduling
higher renewal rate

Accelerate your KPIs with LeadsForce

What startups are most in need of

Be sure to approach startups with the most sufficient offers that match their need and close their pains.
CRM is a key to growth and efficient management. Having control over channels and communication with client improves startups performance gradualy
You can not move further if you dont understand how well does your startup perform, help them understand the potential with your tool
Improving startups growth is what makes every C-level executive go crazy, can your company do it?
You cant win the wrold over if your startup has usual and nonconceptual looks, your company can fix it? Startups will love it.
Software production
Sometimes the idea and business model are alredy there, but technology is yet to be developed, help startups with development and they are yours forever
Building a marketing that works and makes startup standout amongst others, thats one way to make startups ask for more

Success Stories

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Jon Reidar Hammerfjeld, CEO at Labrador CMS
50+ Appointments and 85% Email Open Rate: Jaw-Dropping Results For Labrador CMS
56+ Appointments for Unifocus: Leadsforce being the 3rd Most Successful Acquisition Channel
Matt Gallagher, Chief Revenue Officer at Unifocus
Email open rate
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g Pla
/ month
The best pick for the growth stage.
Booster pack
Connect card, cancel anytime.
Platform support
Special offers
150 free leads to test
A month of a free trial
/ month
Good pick for small companies.
Starter pack
No credit card required
Platform support
Special offers
75 free leads to test
2 weeks of a free trial

Leads that help you diversify startups by more than 7 categories

Your company has already found traction with a specific startup or a number of startups, it is going to be shamefully easy to find similar ones amongst our existing data.
You have the power to customize 7 key points that will affect your result, these are: Country, company size, precise location, revenue and 2 most important Industry and Job title.
For even greater precision, our team provides a lead enrichment on demand on specific terms.

Maximize your ROI

It takes 5 minutes to access 20 million sales-ready leads with a 99% quality rate.
You don't believe us? All bounced emails will be replaced with free credits, just send a list of rejected emails to our Support Team.

Our clients grow as a result of cost-efficient and effective access to top leads.
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Test your free 50 leads, flexible business model, a great pick for both companies and business individuals, top-notch leads.

Ready to land your dream customer?

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