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What Is Targeting?
Daniel Gorbenko
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What Is Targeting?

Whenever you try to market a product or service to a consumer and boost sales, it always starts with targeting. The role of this process in business is hard to undervalue. But, what is targeting in the first place?

According to the definition of targeting, it is the process of identifying the right segments of the target audience to help marketers and salespeople reach the right people with the right message. Simply put, targeting is all about knowing your ideal customer.

The core goal of this process is to help businesses build the right buyer persona that matches their offers and goals. Want to learn more? Read on and the experts from LeadsForce will tell you more about this matter!

Why Is Targeting Important?

To answer the question “what is targeting in marketing,” it’s important to understand the real value of this process for business.

Targeting brings many benefits to marketing. First of all, by aiming your campaigns at the right group of customers, you can boost your marketing performance and boost engagement rates with your advertisements.

Apart from boosting engagement, careful targeting improves other metrics too. Namely, if you reach the right people with your ads, you will convert them faster and easier, and retain them longer too.

Due to these benefits, this process should be involved not only in advertising but also across all other facets of the business.

Types of Targeting

Another thing you need to know in order to get the targeting meaning is that there are actually several types of targeting.

  • Demographic Targeting

This type of targeting is when you group prospects based on demographics, such as age, gender, income, education, race, ethnicity, etc. Using demographics for marketing purposes is a time-tested technique. It helps you create segments of prospects with similar demographic characteristics and market your products to them effectively.

  • Geographic Targeting

Another way to segment prospects is based on their location. Such target groups can be very broad and linked to a whole country or very narrow and linked to a certain city. This strategy works especially well for local marketing, for example, when you need to promote a store with a specific location and, respectively, want to attract people who live or often attend that area.

  • Psychological and Behavioral Targeting

Finally, one more way to define your targets is based on the specific behavioral and psychological habits that they share. For example, you can target prospects based on interests, shopping habits, past purchases, etc.

Targeting and Adjust

Knowing your audience well is the core of every successful marketing and sales strategy. But, how do you know what targets you should aim for exactly? That’s where tools like Adjust will come in handy.

Adjust features a wide range of analytical tools that help businesses pinpoint the right kinds of users for their advertising needs. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your current strategy and analyze your prospects’ and buyers’ behaviors to find the right targeting options for yourself.

Knowing who exactly you should target, you can then use LeadsForce to capture the right leads with ease. LeadsForce doesn’t offer you to just buy lead list. Instead, it helps you create custom lists of leads tailored to your own ideal customer profile. As a result, you will have more potential customers who have a high chance to buy your product or service.


After reading this guide, you should easily answer the question “what is targeting”. Now, you know that this process stands for identifying your ideal consumer and segmenting your target audience into relevant groups for marketing purposes.

With the help of careful targeting, you can advertise your products better, get more sales, and even boost customer satisfaction. Use this guide to start leveraging it to your success too!

Daniel Gorbenko - Product Marketing Manager
Daniel Gorbenko
Product Marketing Manager
Daniel is a Product Marketing Manager with more than 4 years of experience with B2B and B2C products.

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